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Summer fun awaits at 
Milestones Enrichment Center 

Beat the summer break blues and keep your child engaged, learning, and having a blast with our exciting Summer enrollment program!


We believe that every child deserves a warm and caring environment that is essential for the growth and developmental needs of young children. Furthermore, at MEC, we believe that it is extremely important that we partner with families and the community. We believe our role is to work in concert with the home in transforming the child into a social being. We have created an environment that allows children to explore the world around them, to understand and feel good about themselves, and to learn to care about the people and society they must interact with.


MEC is coming to Montgomery County ...

We're excited to share the news of our recent acquisition of a new childcare program in Bethesda, MD. As we embark on enhancing and revitalizing the center to align with Milestones' commitment to learning and growth, we invite you to explore further details on the school's page. Stay tuned for updates and improvements as we strive to create an enriching environment for children in the Bethesda community. Click the link below to learn more.

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