6 weeks to 12 months

Social/ Emotional

  • Trusts known, caring adults

  • Regulates own behavior

  • Manages own feelings

  • Responds to others’ feelings with growing empathy

  • Plays with other children

  • Learns to be a member of a group

  • Uses personal care skills


  • Demonstrates basic gross motor skills

  • Demonstrates basic fine motor skills


  • Sustains attention

  • Understands how objects can be used

  • Shows a beginning understanding of cause and effect

  • Shows a beginning understanding that things can be grouped

  • Uses problem-solving strategies

  • Engages in pretend play


  • Develops receptive language

  • Develops expressive language

  • Participates in conversations

  • Enjoys books and being read to

  • Shows an awareness of pictures and print

  • Experiments with drawing and writing


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